Video-Rhino-Hygrometer (VRH)

VRH is a diagnostic device for non invasive nasal obstruction diagnosis. It is an automation of  the Glatzel mirror, and it provides a quantitative analysis of the nasal flow based on the size and shape of the nasal condensation area.

My roles in this project has been:

  • Design of a new lighter modular structure
  • Improvement of the ergonomics of the chin support
  • Development of the Management Software and Report Generation

My supervisor was Prof. Roberto Setola. However, I have worked in close contact with both DAS srl and Dr. M. Casale at Policlinico Campus Biomedico di Roma.

Clinical study done with the previous prototype:

Casale, Manuele, et al. “Video-rhino-hygrometer: A new method for evaluation of nasal breathing after nasal surgery.” American journal of rhinology & allergy 24.6 (2010): 467-471.

My thesis can be obtained at this link. However, the file is in italian but it includes an abstract in English.

Additional information about the project is available at the VRH page in the DAS srl website